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Man Driving His Car

Automotive Companies Require a Digital-First Mindset To Transform Faster and Smarter

I spent much of this week writing our Digital First Industry Position for the Automotive industry. As someone who has been online since the early days of the Internet, sometimes it amazes me that in 2022, we are still talking about Digital First. I had the privilege of creating the first online ads on, […]

A group of coworkers in a collaborative meeting.

How to Easily Connect Your Business with Your Customer’s Digital Experience

Your customers want to live the digital-first lifestyle, especially when it comes to interacting with your brand. But, does your business have a plan, strategy, structure, and requirements in place and prepared to deliver on these expectations? Your company’s organizational change management (OCM) processes must be addressed and set before you can choose the right […]

Being a Digital-first Enterprise Means Being Mobile-first

We’re in the Digital Age. Mobile devices are ubiquitous, wireless networks are continuing to mature (LTE-M and 5G), and Internet of Things (IoT) is no longer just a proof of concept, as toasters, lights, door locks and refrigerators are getting their own IP addresses, talking to one another and to users. This digital interaction with […]

Outta sight! The next Google Glass looks nothing like glasses

Remember Google Glass? That head-mounted computer resembling a pair of glassless eyeglasses? You are forgiven if you have forgotten. Google’s first attempt at ubiquitous computing sure had cachet when it went to market in the spring of 2014 and was dubbed the natural next step in digital-first design. That cachet disappeared less than a year […]