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Automotive Companies Need to Take Back the Online Shopping Space

Why are automotive companies allowing third-party auto sites to control and dominate the online car shopping process? Next time you are sitting on your couch watching TV or online streaming video, pay attention to the automotive commercials. One thing you may notice is that none of them tell you to go to their website in […]

Digitalization Will Help Telecom, Cable, and Satellite Win Big

As it stands, the outlook for broadcast, cable, and telecommunications providers looks very bright. In a Q3 2017 earnings call, John J. Stephens, senior executive vice president and chief financial officer of AT&T, said: “We continue to track well against our full-year guidance, and we continue to invest for the growth of our business and […]

Quiznos Stops Using TV Ads to Focus on Digital Channel

The whole concept of a digital transformation would predict a sharp decline in non-digital advertising budget as the digital channel becomes much more important.  I don’t have statistics but here’s anecdotal evidence. has an article about Quiznos new Ad strategy.  They are pulling TV ads entirely although they will keep print media ads. “Our […]