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Theme Diabetes.the Man Whose Glucose Was Measured By Going To The Home Of Healthcare Professionals. It Uses The Technology Of An Instrument For Measuring The Level Of Glucose In The Blood

Smart Insulin: A Bright Future for Diabetes Care

A Brief History of Diabetes Care For more than 100 years, diabetics have been taking insulin shots to control their blood sugar. As a Type I (my body does not produce any insulin on its own) diabetic, I have been giving myself insulin shots since 1974. When I was initially diagnosed, just after President Ford […]

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Big Foot Forward With AI To Treat Insulin Dependent Diabetics

Background of Diabetic Market in the US According to a 2020 Center for Disease Control (“CDC”), the United States has approximately 34 million people with diabetes. Of these, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) estimates that 7% are Type 1, meaning their body produces no insulin, and cannot survive without does of insulin. Of the […]

Preventive Technologies, Predictive Analytics and Diabetes

According to the American Diabetes Association, nearly 30 million Americans have diabetes and an additional 86 million have pre-diabetes – a precursor to the full disease. These numbers continue to rise as do the medical costs associated with treatment. In fact, medical costs for people with diabetes are twice as high compared to people without […]

A Diabetes Kit…For Your Doll

  So, one of my spunky co-workers, who happens to be the prolific blogger behind, shared this on Facebook: “My daughter wants to use her Christmas money to buy a diabetes kit, just like daddy’s, for her American Girl Doll. It makes me happy that she will understand this part of his life a […]

How OS Mavericks Indirectly Impacted Healthcare

A few weeks ago, Apple announces the free upgrade to OS Mavericks. My neighbor upgraded immediately and everything was working fine. Until today. Prior to his endocrinologist appointments each quarter, he logs onto a website where he can quickly and easily upload his blood sugar numbers prior to his doctor appointment. It’s amazing technology that […]

Natural Language Processing Improves Diabetic Care

By Lesli Adams, MPA Director, Oracle Healthcare Business Intelligence The Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality (AHRQ) and the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) published the results of a study that showed the overwhelming impact on diabetic care when the patients are seen consistently by their regular doctor.   When seen by their regular doctor, […]

Healthcare Needs Disruptive Innovations in Meaning

I recently read the excellent Design Driven Innovation, Roberto Verganti’s fascinating take on how certain paradigm-shifting products and services are created. In it, he introduces the concept of “innovation in meaning,” which he contrasts throughout the book with “innovation in technology.” Here’s my high-level summary of the differences: Innovation in technology: new electronics, parts, components, […]