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How to Handle a DFDL Serialization Error

Problem Statement: If a fixed-length request has to be constructed from a message (for example xml, which has optional fields and complex objects with cardinality >1,) the following scenarios show the DFDL properties that can be used instead of using a conditional check in mapping /compute node to overcome the DFDL Serialization Error. Sample Scenario: […]

An Easy Way to Write HL7(TDS) Messages in XML Format in IIB

The Perficient project lead handling an Enterprise Integration project at one of the largest healthcare providers in the country called me one afternoon and asked me to find a quick solution to write HL7 messages in XML format as some vendors that were being integrated needed the messages in XML. I knew that the solution […]

Message Modelling Using DFDL in WMB

Introduction This article addresses the DFDL message modelling feature in IBM® WebSphere® Message Broker (also known as IBM® Integration Bus). It contains step by step instructions for creating a DFDL schema for a flat file using WMB tool-kit. Data Format Description Language, commonly known as DFDL is an open standard based modelling language which is using […]