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#DF15: 2015 Admin Keynote Highlights

This year’s Dreamforce has seen the announcement of many remarkable new features such as Lightning Experience, IoT built on Thunder, and a great deal more. But one of the most exciting keynotes to look forward to this year, in this author’s opinion, is the new Admin keynote. It’s in this session that admins get recognition […]

Service Cloud Keynote Highlights from #DF15

The Service Cloud Keynote kicked off at 12:30 PST on Thursday with more than 7,000 in attendance, and 70,000 watching online. If you happened to miss it, here a few key highlights and takeaways from the presentation: Highlights: Service Cloud is the number one service application in the world Salesforce is focused on delivering a […]

#DF15: App Cloud Keynote Highlights

The App Cloud is about customer success. Today’s Dreamforce session started by introducing Bosma Enterprises, a non-profit for the blind and visually impaired. They are end-to-end Salesforce, and it’s all accessible to the visually impaired. The next project is to bring a telecom platform that can be maintained by the blind and visually impaired. Visit […]

#DF15: Create Personalized Email Campaigns with Marketing Cloud

You already collect data on your prospects and customers. Your prospects and customers expect you to use this data. In today’s digital marketing world, you don’t need to be afraid to use the data you collect to personalize a message to your audience. You need to think of your audience list as a collection of […]

#DF15: Attending the Circles of Success Breakout Sessions 

Trying to figure out what sessions to attend at Dreamforce can be one of the toughest things to do during one of the most exciting weeks of the year. And then there is just getting to the sessions on time in order to make the most of your week at this absolutely epic event. But one of my […]

#DF15: Hi-Tech and Hi-Touch Retail with George Zimmer

Everyone knows George Zimmer of Menswear fame and his “I guarantee it” commercials. After leaving Menswear, he’s back with a new startup and ready to revolutionize retail. It’s the first ever B2C platform powered on Salesforce from end-to-end. It started with a video for Generation Tux. The total Tuxedo market is 10 million rentals a […]

Precision Medicine: A Highlight At Dreamforce 2015

  As many of you know, Perficient has a practice devoted to solutions. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that a bunch of my colleagues are at this year’s Dreamforce event and furiously blogging about what they’re hearing. One of the posts that caught my attention was from Mike Porter, who sat in Dr. […]

Success Story: Constant Contact & the Power of Partners #DF15

Constant Contact is an industry leader in small business marketing solutions (e.g. email, promotions, surveys, events, etc). Starting in 2013, Perficient helped Constant Contact migrate off of the Salesforce Partner Portal and migrate onto the Community Cloud platform. They spoke about that experience last year at Dreamforce; if you didn’t catch it then, watch it now.  Since that initial project, we have continued […]

#DF15: Highlights and Perspectives on the Marketing Cloud Keynote

Marketing Cloud CEO Scott McCorkle discussed how customers like McDonald’s, Precor, Mattel, Room and Board, and AT&T are cultivating 1-to-1 customer experiences across Sales, Service, Community, Analytics, Platforms, Apps, and the Internet of things.  Keynote Scott McCorkle kicked it off. The theme is the “Dawn of the Digital Marketer”. Radian6 and Buddy Media are now […]

Pardot: Add Lead Grading to Optimize Your Lead Assignment #DF15

The concept of lead scoring has been around for several years, and many companies have begun some sort of lead scoring program. However, in a Dreamforce session today, I heard a surprising quote: 61% of B2B companies send all leads to sales but only 27% are qualified. (Marketing Sherpa) Or, in other words, 73% of […]

#DF15: Digital Marketing and Room & Board

In the Dreamforce session I blogged on How Smart Brands Use Digital Marketing, the presenter highlighted a video from Room & Board that’s worth sharing. The presenter highlight that Room & Board probably does a better job at this than any other company he’s seen. I found that video and have embedded it below for your […]

Big News From #DF15 Keynote: “A Customer Revolution”

The 2015 Dreamforce keynote started with a few songs by Stevie Wonder. When “Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Yours” came on, it became required to dance. Stevie, you’ve still got it. That is a great example of what Dreamforce does to people year over year; it gets you so excited that you cannot sit still in […]

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