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3 Ways Pivotal Can Revamp Your Middleware

While the exact definition of middleware varies, we classify middleware as API management, B2B gateways, application servers, event processing, and message-oriented middleware. Middleware has become a foundation for many businesses as digital transformation and cloud technologies are changing the way organizations operate. But as business demands increase, heritage middleware platforms are struggling to adapt, and […]

Collaborate in style with Visual Studio Live Share

VS Live Share lets you collaborate in real time for coding, debugging and more. You can have multiple people working in the same file and see their cursor and live code updates. You can also open your own file and work independently. All changes are saved back to the hosts file system ready to be […]

Keeping Your Sitecore References Consistent Among Your Developers

As a best practice, I do my project work outside of my Sitecore directory. I also as a best practice, segregate my Sitecore assemblies for my project compilation by copying them to a folder included in the solution. There are some times that I don’t always get to follow my preferred best practices. On more […]