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Deploying Application Request Routing (ARR) on Multiple Platforms

In Hosting Services, we get custom requirements depending on project needs. I will share one such requirement that was unique in nature, considering the customer’s available infrastructure and the phase the project was in when the change request was raised. The Challenge On one of our website redesign projects – almost in the middle of […]

Managing Technical SEO Debt

The majority of dev projects fail to meet timelines and budget. As an SEO who’s been part of countless platform migrations and website redesigns, I can recall very few that launched both on time and within the allocated budget. When projects almost inevitably fail, it becomes easy to take shortcuts instead of investing the necessary […]

Software Development Efficiency: Balancing Bug Fixes and New Code

When working on a software development project with limited resources, there is always the constant pull to meet a schedule and ship features. Since no developer is perfect, that also means bugs may slip into the code from time to time. If the schedule is crunched or unrealistic, the likelihood of consumer-facing bugs increases dramatically. […]

Showing Off Their CSS

In the past few weeks, I’ve seen no less than five different companies publish an article documenting their internal CSS frameworks; it’s a fascinating pattern.  Getting an inside look at how other people (or companies) are organizing code and what tools they are using is a pretty fantastic way to become a better developer yourself.  […]