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Cloud Migration using Denodo Data Virtualization

Many companies are moving their IT infrastructure to the cloud because of various reasons like minimized IT requirements, physical data storage, cost, accessibility, quick deployments, consolidation, controllability, increased productivity, efficiency and security. Cloud migration is a complex process, and it may lead to negative business impacts if the correct migration strategy and best practices are […]


Maximizing the Benefits of Data Lake using Denodo

What is Data Lake: Data Lake is a centralized repository with many data in native and raw formats. The data lake has Distributed File Systems that provide cheap storage of large volumes of data. It supports different file formats like Parquet, CSV, JSON, etc. It supports massive parallel execution engines that do not require special […]

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Combining The Data In Denodo Platform.

Denodo: A  data virtualization platform Data virtualization is a core technology that enables modern data integration and data management solutions. Factors of data virtualization: Connect, introspect, and govern any data source with zero data replication: Quickly connect disparate structured and unstructured sources. Catalog your entire data ecosystem. Data stays in the sources and it is […]