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Perficient Wins Sitecore’s Excellence in Solution Delivery Award

Celebrating A Prestigious Recognition from Sitecore Delivering for our clients is what we do best at Perficient. Our work with some of the largest enterprise clients in North America makes us proud of the value we bring to our Sitecore customers. Sitecore’s Partner of the Year Awards are designed to celebrate the time and investment […]

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Perficient’s Agile Culture is Remote-Ready and Thriving

Working in technology, managing an ever-changing landscape and juggling demanding priorities is nothing new. But even with a mindset of agility and a business built to be nimble, no one could predict the impact COVID-19 would have. As organizations around the world scrambled to readjust, I’m proud of the way my colleagues at Perficient have […]

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The Five Principles of Delivering CMS Effectively

Content management and experience platforms like Episerver should be the key to empowering non technical people in a technical space. They are meant to empower marketers—allowing them to fully deliver, measure, curate and personalize user experiences. We have a unique enablement focused approach based on the modular principles of atomic design. This approach, SCORE, represents […]

3 Steps to Overcoming Communication Barriers

We often hear the phrase “Seek first to understand and then to be understood” or are told to actively listen. While these are important, often time it’s simply not tactical enough. Too often what we hear is skewed by the filters that we (and our audiences) apply. So how do we ensure what we say […]

What Really is DevOps?

The term DevOps is still relatively new to the technology industry. The definition of DevOps isn’t really as clear as is for Agile Development Methodology. For many teams and organizations DevOps is a sort of unobtainable mythical beast; a unicorn if you will. Although, DevOps is obtainable for any team so long as the necessary […]

Top 2015 Trends Influencing the Consumer Markets Industry

From commerce to personalization to cybersecurity to the customer experience, the consumer markets industry is experiencing a huge transformation this year driven by these types of trends. Organizations must transform complex data into seamless and simple operations all while gaining customer insights and services responses. Consumers are more connected than ever due to mobile, social […]

Retail Trends 2014: #5 – A “Fulfilling” Experience (Faster Fulfillment)

I promise not to talk about drones (well, maybe just a little.) In 1860, with 120 riders, 184 stations, 400 horses and several hundred personnel, the Pony Express reduced the time for messages to travel across the United States to 10 days. It was a successful innovation, but still not fast enough, and after 18 […]