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Datapower XI 52 and XC 10 Integration: Encode/decode the cache key

Datapower XI 52 and XC 10 Integration:Encode/decode the cache key

From our previous blog post we have seen how easy it is to setup a seamless integration between the XI 52 and XC 10. In this blog post, we dive into a little more detail of the seamless integration by understanding how datapower encodes and decodes the cache key. Datapower XI 52 uses the URL […]

DataPower XC 10 seamless integration with DataPower XI 52

The need for cache is inevitable in the world of enterprise-level applications. There are boundless use cases with different combinations ranging from the data type specific cache to application specific cache. We have seen a wide variety of caching technology realizations from emerging technologies like Redis (in reality, it is more than a cache) to […]

How to install XI52 Virtual Appliance

How to install XI52 Virtual Appliance

One of the interesting IBM offerings in the suite of middle-ware products are the Datapower XI52 and XC10 virtual appliance. Combining these technologies with a few Openware products and you have the foundation for a nice small scale enterprise environment in which you can experiment and test a variety of configuration solutions. With this idea […]