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Data Functions in TIBCO Spotfire

Data Functions in TIBCO Spotfire Data Functions in TIBCO Spotfire allow people to create scripts based on their custom logic for transforming data, adding features to a visualization, establishing connections to the database, and so on. It maps the input to the output, specifying what field/value to use and which variable to assign it to. […]

Storytelling Dashboards: The Benefits & Best Practices

We all know the old saying: a picture is worth a thousand words. But why does that matter when you’re talking numbers? There’s always a story behind your raw data, dashboards and analytics. And the more quickly you understand it, the more you can make the most out of every click and every campaign. If […]

How to Do Outliers Detection and Handling in Tableau

Outliers are considered as single points that are not part of 99% of datasets. Outliers represent the things that are present outside the normal experience. In this post, we will see how to detect these extreme outliers in Tableau. Steps for detecting Outliers in Tableau: I have used Tableau Superstore dataset for detecting these outliers. […]

Data Science = Synergistic Teamwork

Data science is a discipline conflating elements from various fields such as mathematics, machine learning, statistics, computer programming, data warehousing, pattern recognition, uncertainty modeling, computer science, high performance computing, visualization and others. According to Cathy O’Neil and Rachel Schutt, two luminaries in the field of Data Science, there are about seven disciplines that even data scientists in training […]

QlikView… QlikTech… Qlik…

Several years ago, when I started using QlikView (QlikTech’s flagship product), I had a strong preference for more traditional BI tools and platforms, mostly because I thought that QlikView was just a visualization tool. But after some first-hand experience with the tool, any bias I had was quickly dissipated and I’ve been a QlikView fan […]

2012 Microsoft ‘Denali’ SSBI – Breaking Barriers

Expanding on “Microsoft BI –No More Excuses”, I recently updated Denali SQL 2012 (Community Technology Preview CTP3) on my demo machine to work with Microsoft’s latest Self-Service BI (SSBI) tools. The result is a MS 2012 Denali SSBI demo and presentation available now from Perficient’s National MS BI team. Below are highlights for 2012 MS […]

How to go Social with Business Intelligence: Data Visualizations

Does your organization collaborate around its data? TIBCO Spotfire has a great recent blog post all about “Social Business Intelligence”, indicating that your organization’s BI can become more social in the following ways. Make meetings about business intelligence more collaborative: Include data visualizations to get better use out of your company’s data. Mark Lorion, Spotfire’s VP […]