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Data Science Model Presentation

Quick Tips on How to Sell Your Data Science Model

During a five-week IBM training program, I learned a few things about how to sell data science models that I’d like to share it with you. The program was explicitly designed to educate and familiarize IBM’s business partners on how to expand relationships with clients; an introduction to emerging tools; and a glimpse into IBM’s future so […]

SparkR for Data Scientists

Although the title Data Scientist is not mentioned as often as other IT job titles, it has been in the IT world for a while and is becoming more important with the popularity of the Internet and eCommerce. What kind of skills should a data scientist have? It could be a long list, but I […]

Three Big Data Business Case Mistakes

Tomorrow I will be giving a webinar on creating business cases for Big Data. One of the reasons for the webinar was that there is very little information available on creating a Big Data business cases. Most of what is available boils down to a “trust me, Big Data will be of value.” Most information […]

Data Science = Synergistic Teamwork

Data science is a discipline conflating elements from various fields such as mathematics, machine learning, statistics, computer programming, data warehousing, pattern recognition, uncertainty modeling, computer science, high performance computing, visualization and others. According to Cathy O’Neil and Rachel Schutt, two luminaries in the field of Data Science, there are about seven disciplines that even data scientists in training […]

Big Data, New Roles: Data Scientist

Big data has had its fair share of limelight this year. But with the emergence of this new capability, what changes will be left in its wake? One may be a stronger demand for the role of data scientist. If this is your first time hearing this title, don’t be alarmed. As of March 2012 […]

Helping Data Scientists Navigate Big Data with the Semantic Web

The term “Big Data” is being thrown around a lot lately, but what is it, and what makes “Big Data” different from the other data that wework with in the healthcare industry? Big Data is differentiated by its volume, velocity, and variety. The last point, variety, deals not only with the wide variety of formats […]

Computing New Variables in IBM SPSS

Computing New Variables IBM SPSS Statistics offers more than 70 built-in functions to compute new variables based on your corporate logic. These include: • Arithmetic functions • Statistical functions • Distribution functions • Logical functions • Date and time aggregation and extraction functions • Missing-value functions • Cross-case functions • String functions   These functions […]

A Simple Analytical Architectural Strategy

Over the last month I’ve been taking a tactical view of analytics by focusing on some of the specific features of IBM SPSS Statistics so today, I have decided to think a bit more “strategically”. If your organization wants to begin leveraging survey-response type data for example, what might be a reasonable approach? If I […]

Data Scientist – Will this be the dream job in the near future? – Part 2

In Part 1 we saw an overview of Data Science and how a Data Scientist comes into picture. Let’s now look into some of the challenges firms face in finding these skilled data scientists and what measures they could take to overcome the same. Challenges & Initiatives to consider There should be no surprises that […]

Data Scientist – Will this be the dream job in the near future? – Part 1

According to Fortune – Data Scientist is “The hot new gig in tech”. Indeed, the term Data Scientist is slowly being seen as one of the in-demand career options. With the increasing trend of firms like Facebook & Amazon depending more and more on data science to have that vital competitive edge, the value of […]