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Key strategies for Data Quality

In numerous client engagements, we have witnessed that Data Quality (DQ) is a never-ending battle. At many companies,  IT fixes and re-fixes the data rather than develop solutions and manage applications. DQ is not confined to IT, but maintaining that quality requires effort from all data users, especially those at the business end. Building a […]

Bootstrapping Data Governance – Part I

A lot has been said and written about Data Governance (DG) and the importance of having one. However it is still a mystery for many companies to create an effective DG. Based on our experience majority of the companies in their early stages of DG fall into one of these areas: Had too many false […]

Is IT ready for Innovation in Information Management ?

Information Technology (IT) has come a long way from being a delivery organization to an organization part of business innovation strategy, though a lot has to change in the coming years. Depending on the industry and the company culture, IT organization will mostly fall in the operational spectrum and a lot of progressive ones are  […]

Primary Practices for Examining Data

SPSS Data Audit Node       Once data is imported into SPSS Modeler, the next step is to explore the data and to become “thoroughly acquainted” with its characteristics. Most (if not all) data will contain problems or errors such as missing information and/or invalid values. Before any real work can be done using […]

IBM Vision 2013 – 2 thumbs Up!

I just returned from the IBM Vision Conference in Orlando, Florida. I attended a session in every available timeslot from Monday morning to Wednesday afternoon and it was worth every single minute of my time! Although there were too many sessions and presenters to mention, here are my “top picks”: Designing Solutions with IBM Cognos […]

Introduction to Data Quality Services (DQS) – Part I

I was recently introduced to SQL Server 2012 and discovered Data Quality Services (DQS); a new feature of SQL Server 2012.  I wanted to use this blog as an introduction to DQS, define key terms, and present a simple example of the tool.  According to MSDN, The data-quality solution provided by Data Quality Services (DQS) […]

Teradata Talks Enterprise Data Integration

Teradata has been long been known for its powerful data systems and drive to push benchmarks for large data volumes. In fact, in 1992 Teradata built a first of its kind system for Wal-Mart, capable of  handling 1 terabyte of data. One of the main advantages to routinely working with very large data sizes is the exposure to integration, data […]

Back to the Basics: What is Big Data?

This video published by SAP provides a concise description of Big Data. Timo Elliott (SAP Evangelist) and Adrian Simpson (CTO, SAP UK& Ireland) describe the 4 major challenges that big data is comprised of: Volume – Amount of data Velocity – Frequency of change in data Variety – Both structured and unstructured data Validity – Quality of the data […]

Data Governance – a must-have to ensure data quality – Part 2

In Part 1, we saw an overview of Data Governance and the initiatives firms need to take to incorporate governance. Let’s now look a bit more in detail about Data Quality Management as this is a key step in Data Governance towards ensuring data quality. Why is Data Quality Management necessary? Data Quality Management is […]

Data Governance – a must-have to ensure data quality – Part 1

While one of my earlier posts on Quality Data being a pre-requisite for every BI technique is still generating both positive and negative responses, I felt it would be apt to delve into Data Governance and see why it is necessary to be incorporated to achieve & maintain better data quality. First, lets have a […]

Quality Data – a key pre-requisite for any BI technique

There was a recent post in the HBR blogs that stated that ‘Success comes from better data, not better data analysis’. While this sounds cliche, it is a fact and we tend to ignore the value of quality data. Nowadays firms invest on hiring some of the best analysts in the industry with the […]

Key Elements of a Solid BI and Data Management Framework

I was struck by a blog post written by Forrester’s Rob Karel (@rbkarel), titled “How Complete are your BI and Data Management Strategies?” This is the type of answer that our business intelligence consultants ask our clients every day, and we often come up with a framework as complete and strategic as the ideal one […]

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