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Operationalize AI Across Your Organization with Perficient’s PACE Framework

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, the promise of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) looms large, offering enticing opportunities for innovation, efficiency, and growth. However, alongside its transformative potential, AI brings with it a host of complexities and challenges that can give even the most seasoned executives pause. A majority of organizations are not fully embracing […]

Season 2 of Intelligent Data

[Podcast] How to Make Money with Your Data?

Once you have your data, how do you monetize it? One of the top global influencer’s around data monetization, Doug Laney, is here to tell us how. In season 2 episode 1 of the Intelligent Data Podcast, host Arvind Murali and his guest Douglas Laney, the data & analytics strategy innovation fellow with the consultancy, […]

Cambridge Analytica: Recommendations on Data Ethics

Before going deep into Data Ethics, I would highly recommend watching the documentary The Great Hack on Netflix which summarizes Cambridge Analytica’s involvement in the largest Data Ethics issue and how it played a role in Brexit, the Trump Campaign, the Cruz Campaign, and others. It is also interesting to know that the people who […]