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Web API Using Azure

Data Encryption and Application Programming in Financial Services

Previously, I outlined the how and why of server and endpoint protection. This blog will discuss the benefits of data encryption and application programming. Data Encryption All of a firm’s data should be encrypted both at rest (stored on media) and in flight (in transit on the network). This provides the best protection from a […]

GDPR Compliance – Encryption

On 25th May 2018, everybody woke up to find their inbox “spammed” with mails from companies about redefining their data privacy policies containing the term GDPR. Every site that one logged into had a pop up, “We have updated our Data Privacy Policy”. So, what is this all about? Small Word, Big Impact It is […]

Data Encryption in the Salesforce Shield Age

For those of you who are eager to learn why Shield is changing the way we do encryption in Salesforce and are interested in implementing it in your own org, here is a quick summary of what you can expect from this amazing new tool. Comparing Classic and Platform Encryption In comparison to Classic encryption; […]

The Health Information Exchange (HIE) Teeter-Totter

The cyber-attack on Anthem, the nation’s second-largest health insurer, directly reflects the vulnerability of healthcare organizations, which are years behind other industries in regards to protecting personal information. In today’s healthcare industry, the federal government encourages sharing information across the continuum, which is critical to improving patient care. The challenge is the balancing act between […]

Heartbleed – How we can Reduce the Security Threat in Healthcare

The Heartbleed bug is causing some real heart palpitations in the healthcare community (sorry for the pun), regardless of whether your organization is a health plan, a health provider or both. That’s according to Phil Lerner, chief information security officer at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, who, on a scale from 1 to 10, ranks […]

Protecting patient data

As our healthcare systems become increasing connected and interdependent, protecting the privacy and integrity of patient data is critical. As health information exchanges (HIE), regional HIEs (RHIE) and health information service providers (HISP) become more prevalent, the importance of following best practices implementing security for the exchanging of data with external partners should be a […]