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GDPR Compliance – Encryption

On 25th May 2018, everybody woke up to find their inbox “spammed” with mails from companies about redefining their data privacy policies containing the term GDPR. Every site that one logged into had a pop up, “We have updated our Data Privacy Policy”. So, what is this all about? Small Word, Big Impact It is […]

Trend Tuesday: Data Compliance with GDPR

New Year – new data compliance. As analytics and big data continue to gain acceptance in the enterprise, governments are catching on and developing regulations to curtail abuse and monitor responses to data breaches. In particular, organizations doing business in Europe will need to comply with The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), set to go […]

How to Prevent a Data Breach in 2017

The changing tides of business and technology continue to influence how data – and more importantly, data breaches – are handled by organizations. With more information than ever created on the Internet by transactions including banking, home, and retail purchases, the possibility of a data breach continues to increase. On a yearly basis, we share […]

Keeping Data Secure in Life Sciences

Keeping Data Secure In Life Sciences

In 2015, companies in all industries experienced data security breaches. From Anthem, one of the nation’s leading health benefits companies, to the UCLA Health System, all the way to Hzone, a matchmaking mobile application for HIV positive singles, no company was safe from a data breach. Increasing data privacy and security is a trend that […]

Cyber Security Awareness Month brings plenty of awareness

October 1st marked the beginning of the United States’ National Cyber Security Awareness month.  Three days into the month, awareness is exactly what we have. Last week, Experian and T-Mobile announced a significant data breach.  What’s worse is that the hackers were able to maintain the breach for over two years.  T-Mobile CEO John Legere, […]

Is your Analytics Data Safer in the Cloud?

Leaders in information technology have traditionally been concerned with their company’s sensitive financial data residing in the cloud.  The concern is that with sensitive data in the cloud, it is at risk of being accessed by the wrong people. After 2014, or as I have seen it referred, the year of the data breach, one […]