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60 thoughts on Oracle Cloud Supplier and Customer Data Conversion

Oracle Cloud ERP Financials – TCA – Suppliers and Customers – Data conversion Your company is thinking about moving onto the Oracle Cloud ERP system.  You’ve been tagged as one of the resources to lead or assist with data conversions. Very important and difficult data conversion is Suppliers and Customers.  There are often tens of […]

How To Set Up Customer Communities in Salesforce

Customers often share ideas on their own, but an online customer community can provide a powerful mechanism for inviting your customers to proactively weigh in, and yield more powerful results.   We harnessed the power of Salesforce and the flexibility of Lightning Communities, components, custom page layouts, and themes to easily customize the experience in a […]

An Equation for Customer Satisfaction

What negative commentary from unsatisfied constituents is so often directed at politicians, across party lines or affiliations? They made empty promises. I read a blog post this morning by Seth Godin where he discusses a simple equation for customer satisfaction. Customer Satisfaction = (What you get) – (What you were hoping for) Anytime this equation […]