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Change Management Tips, Emoji, Omnichannel Experiences, and more

What You Missed in Salesforce News — April 16, 2018 Salesforce Acquires Mulesoft and Announces Integration Cloud Think About the “Who”: Tips for Using Change Management for a Successful Transition to Lightning The Need for a Seamless Shopping Experience Dealing with the Disengaged: Transforming Unhappy Staff into Productive and Engaged Employees Pardot Introduces Emoji 8 […]

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Why is the OpenTable Customer Community so Popular?

Newsflash! Customers expect a branded, consistent service experience just about everywhere. (Shocking, right?) While this news is not particularly ground-breaking, the way certain businesses are approaching the customer service challenge is. Customer communities offer a variety of important ways to connect with your customer: you can engage with them, send offers and other helpful information, […]

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How To Use Salesforce for Customer Service

It’s no secret that Salesforce is a leader the industry when it comes to customer service technology, with many current users looking to increase their investment. According to the Forbes, “61% of service organizations are increasing investments in actionable analytics within Salesforce. Integrating systems, reducing duplicate data entry, and implementing more responsive customer service are […]

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Recap: Leveraging Amazon Connect for Customer Contact Centers

Customer service is more important than ever, especially with more choice on the market. For organizations, there is a salient need to implement systems that offer quick resolution and high customer satisfaction. In a recent webinar, we shared how Amazon Connect, can transform your Customer Contact Center. The technology, developed by Amazon internally to serve […]

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Driving Operational Efficiency in Telecom and Cable

At the end of the day, a streamlined business can witness tremendous cost and time savings, not to mention deliver better experiences for customers and employees. Most, if not all, leaders in the communications space have ongoing initiatives for optimizing their business, whether it’s the implementation of sophisticated software and technology, or process reengineering to […]

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C-Level Perspectives On Human Labor In Financial Services

Machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), and cognitive computing are all hot topics in the industry. When discussing these subjects, questions revolving around the impact of AI on human labor typically come up. Vikram Pandit, the former CEO of Citigroup, was recently asked what the banking sector might look like in the future. He said that […]

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A Look At Customer Service In Financial Services [With Case Studies]

Data and technology play a significant role in the future of finance; however, many tried-and-true best practices are still critical for winning (and keeping) customers. We have seen an incredible change in the financial services industry, especially as it pertains to the customer experience. Whether through robo-advisors, better user design, or chatbots, customers have become […]

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A Customer Success Platform for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Have you heard of the Fourth Industrial Revolution? If you were at Dreamforce ‘17, you sure did! First there was steam, next electricity, then computers, and now the Fourth Industrial Revolution, where machine learning allows artificial intelligence and robotics to come alive, and the Internet of Things to transform customer experience. Technology is rolling out […]

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Using Data & Tech For Regulatory And Compliance Initiatives [With Examples]

The data that SoFi leverages enables the company to be quick and efficient – two things that people value in companies. However, the data and technology that make SoFi successful also addresses some of the regulatory concerns by essentially forcing it to be blind to applications. Data is helping financial institutions with tasks like identifying […]

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Data Is Driving Innovation In Financial Services [With 2 Examples]

Data is king for many reasons, and the amount of data we produce every day grows exponentially. According to some estimates, 90% of the data in existence today was created within the last two years. IBM estimates that we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day, or enough to fill 10 million Blu-Ray discs. […]

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Financial Services Trends In 2018 [Guide]

Predicting the future of finance is, for the most part, impossible. However, if you look back (and not that far) at the history of innovation in our industry, chances are you believe the future is bright. Consider how far we’ve advanced in just the past 60 years: Modern-day credit cards were introduced in 1950, starting […]

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5-Phase Approach To Sales Practices Compliance For Banks

Adjusting to the new regulatory environment Recent problems with bank employees opening unauthorized accounts for consumers have focused the regulatory spotlight on sales practices in the industry. The fallout from sales practices problems has been spectacular and well-publicized: Hundreds of millions of dollars in fines and legal costs Destruction of shareholder value Brand and reputational […]

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Recap: Deliver Cognitive Customer Service with IBM Watson

Yesterday, we held a webinar featuring Christine Livingston (Perficient, IBM Watson Director) and Dean Upton (Blueworx, Product Management) around the delivery of customer service using IBM Watson. With self-service platforms becoming popular among global organizations, our webinar served as an informative dialogue around information and best practices. Check out our summary below: Our webinar also […]

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Caterpillar Builds Its Brand Through Digital Transformation

The backbone of America’s economic engine lies in construction, particularly with the building of new residential and commercial properties. As the supplier of this backbone, construction companies play a key role to ensure that building supplies are moved and used. Caterpillar, the world’s leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment faced this challenge as they […]

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Field Service Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2017

In the Age of the Customer, where everything and everyone is connected, delivering a connected service experience for your customers – from call center to the field – is an absolute must! As industries continue to face digital and technology disruption, we’re seeing that the customer experience has overtaken product and price as the true differentiator […]

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Making Customer Service Conversational for Your Customers

Making Service Conversational Requires Investments in Self-Service Customers are increasingly impatient and want immediate answers to their problems or questions. Using self-service channels as a first point-of-contact is a great way for service organizations to alleviate some of the demands on your contact center while executing against the ongoing need to deliver an exceptional customer experience. However, […]

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Tips for Best-in-Class Self-Service Experiences

Self-service has quickly climbed the ranks as a high-priority support strategy for leading service organizations. One of the easiest ways to deliver exceptional customer service is by building a self-service support community for your customers. Research shows that 72% of customers prefer to use a company’s website to find answers. Also, studies from Gartner show more […]

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12 Days of DevOps: 9 Demanding Customers

“On the ninth day of Christmas my IT guy gave to me, 9 demanding customers” Last week, I found myself at the grocery store staring at the choices of cereal laid before me. Among the choices included brands that promised high fiber, more fruit, less sugar, and health benefits confirmed by nutrition professionals. While I […]

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10 Reasons Why Companies Move from Zendesk to Service Cloud

Having worked on a number of Zendesk to Salesforce Service Cloud migrations to date, we see a core set of common themes around why customers choose to migrate to Salesforce.  As such, we wanted to share the typical profiles or personas and trends for companies (from an organization and system perspective) moving off of Zendesk […]

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Connecting the Customer Experience Dots with Self-Service Support

For fast-growing companies looking to transform the customer service experience, the key is to help your customers – and your support agents – help themselves. Studies show that more than 70% of customers prefer self-service over contacting a support agent. So how can you give your customers a place to quickly find the answers they need from […]

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