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Optimizely Data Platform: The Future of Customer Experience Management

In today’s saturated world of marketing data, the customer remains at the centre of what marketers do. Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) often face higher expectations from their management and customers regarding personalizing marketing data for optimizing the marketing dollar. Fact Check! According to a Forbes Insights and Epsilon survey, 81% of marketers said they face […]

#AdobeChat Recap: Taking CX to the Next Level

In today’s world, it seems almost unimaginable to unplug from technology. Most of us rely on our phones and devices to wake us up, provide news updates, communicate with friends or colleges, binge watch the most recent season of our favorite show, and even shop for groceries. During last week’s #AdobeChat, we discussed customer experience […]

Top Digital Marketing Trends to Watch in 2017: Union of Content + Commerce

As this year draws to a close, it’s common to reflect on what’s happened while also look towards what the New Year will bring. Among the blogs referencing digital marketing trends for 2017, CMO perhaps best sums up the current situation: As we head into 2017, [marketers] know now that nothing will ever be the same […]

Perficient + Adobe Play Key Roles in Award-Winning Website Redesign

Recently, Cardinal Health, one of our healthcare clients, received Modern Health’s Marketing IMPACT award for the latest redesign of its website. I was personally involved in the release, so it carries a point of pride for me. However, it’s interesting to note the technology underpinnings that made the redesign a reality. It’s Adobe all the way – […]

Infographic: 12 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Digital Marketing Platform

Change is inevitable and not easy – even when it ultimately improves your business. There’s significant change involved when adopting a new digital marketing platform (DMP). You have to re-imagine how to develop and create content, how to interact with your customers, how to create desired workflows, how to adjust to new technology and integrate […]

Perficient is named a Sitecore Platinum Implementation Partner

Today, Perficient announced that we are now a Sitecore Platinum Implementation Partner. Sitecore established the new designation to recognize  partners who distinguish themselves through their implementation capability, joint reference clients with Sitecore, and demonstrated thought leadership in customer experience management. It’s been an exciting couple of months for Perficient’s Sitecore practice. In addition to being […]

Reduce Shopper Abandonment and Increase Conversion Rates

With an increasing amount of online purchases and transactions year-over-year and more than $80 billion lost in 2012 due to poor online shopping experiences, it has become too costly to neglect your customers’ user experience online. Retail organizations can alleviate these issues and optimize e-commerce sites through customer experience management solutions to dramatically improve profitability […]

IBMConnect: Driving Web Experience with Digital Analytics and Mktg

I saw an interesting session on how to combine the power of site management, web analytics, and digital marketing.  It was given by: Rob Enright – Strategist Portal Customer Experience Management Daniel Tabor – Product Manager IBM Marketing Center I liked what I saw although I have some serious questions on how the integration works. […]

Customer Facing Trends in Portal and Content Based Sites Webinar Tomorrow

Erin Eschen Maloney already blogged about this but it’s worth mentioning again.  I host a webinar tomorrow on seven trends in CXM.   It’s going to be interesting as Forrester notes the trends and I add what Perficient sees in the marketplace.  Register here.

Forrester Releases New WCM Wave and Welcome to a New Acronym

Forrester recently release their Web Content Management Wave.  It’s striking less for the rankings and more for the information about trends and why they ranked the vendors the way they did.  I won’t reveal the Wave itself since I don’t have rights to distribute but I will note a few key findings. Welcome to CXM […]