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If You Use Siebel CTMS, Medidata Rave, Or Veeva Vault…

Then we’ve got a special webinar, just for you. On July 21, we will be having a fireside chat with our client, Alliance Foundation Trials (AFT), a research organization that develops and conducts cancer clinical trials. The chat will include a few presentation slides, so that you’re not looking at a blank screen, but much […]

Populating A Sponsor’s Clinical Trial Management System With CRO Data

Many pharma, biotech and medical device companies are moving towards an outsourced clinical trial management model. This approach eliminates the need for them to run their own trials and, instead, allows them to rely on clinical research organizations (CROs) to conduct them. In last week’s webinar, “Automatically Retrieving and Loading Data into Siebel CTMS from […]

The CTMS Landscape is Changing – ASCEND 2.0 is Here

I’m very pleased to announce the launch of the newest version of ASCEND, Perficient’s pre-configured and enhanced version of Oracle Siebel Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS). ASCEND, an official Oracle Accelerate Solution, is configured to meet most organizations’ CTMS requirements out-of-the-box, providing sponsors and research organizations with what they need to get started or a […]

The Best Way To Get CTMS Data From Your CROs

There’s a clear trend in the life sciences industry toward outsourcing clinical trial management to clinical research organizations (CROs). If you decide to join the movement, how should you go about getting data from your CROs into your clinical trial management system (CTMS)? The most common method is to collect reports from CROs in the […]