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Time Well Spent in 2015

The end of 2015 is fast approaching, with December looming just a week away. For most people, December is packed with the hustle and bustle of last-minute gift shopping, or end-of-year projections and budgets for 2016. Often in the sway of all this activity, many are so focused on the approaching New Year that they […]

Update RPT when Column Modified in Data Source

During the Crystal Reports development, it is very common data source (database, universe) definition modifications impact the fileds to be presented in the RPT, such as field renaming, data type changes, or even deletion of a specific data field. How can we synchronize the changes from the data source into RPT to make sure the […]

Placeholders in the CMC – Business Objects(II)

This is the second part of “Placeholders in the CMC – Business Objects”, please see the first part here 10. Placeholder List Table Placeholder Variables  Name Variable Description Title %SI_NAME% Report title, it is same as report rpt name  ID %SI_ID% InfoStore SI_ID value, System ID  Owner %SI_OWNER% Report owner who schedules the report  DateTime […]

Placeholders in the CMC – Business Objects(I)

Usually, after we finish developing a Crystal Report rpt with sufficient unit testing according to the report requirement, the next step is to upload it onto the CMC (Central Management Console) or InfoView server for scheduling. During the scheduling, we will be asked to walk through several steps (recurrence, schedule for, notification, database connection, filters, […]

How Can I Make “Today” My Default Prompt Value II

Here, you can see “Optional Prompt” is dimmed as “False” and cannot be modified. It means the prompt is required to input value before running report. What if we set “Default Value” as blank and run the report? Click on “OK”, the page does not respond. We are required to input a standard date value, […]