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How to Make Puerto Rico Your New Crypto Home

Is Puerto Rico a haven for crypto-currency? Is Act 20 right for my business? Do I have to move? What are the tax benefits? What does it take to qualify for tax benefits? What is the process? Identifying the steps to becoming a bona fide resident of Puerto Rico as an individual and/or a company is […]

Facecoin is Not the Only Option

Is Facebook getting ready to launch a Facecoin ICO? Probably not. A number of outlets are reporting that Facebook is planning on launching its own cryptocurrency, but that may just be a particularly narrow interpretation of blockchain from the people reporting this story. At this point, we do know there is movement at Facebook related to blockchain and blockchain […]

Recap: Overcoming the Hype to Blockchain Adoption

Yesterday, we held a webinar where we discussed the state of Blockchain and how technology professionals should approach the nascent technology beyond the buzzword. Led by Naveen Sachdeva, Perficient’s solution director and blockchain practice lead, the webinar attracted over 600 attendees. Here were some of the highlights: Defining Blockchain Many including the general public still […]

Looking Past the Hype: This is Why You Should Care about Blockchain

The topic of blockchain and blockchain implementation is popping up across a variety of industries and is the focus of many conversations throughout the tech world.  Between the association with bitcoin and its seemingly intangible and complex nature, blockchain may appear more complicated than its potential value to your business.  But, in actuality, blockchain has […]

Trend Tuesday: Blockchain Trends for 2018

Retail media continues to announce the arrival of blockchain, but there is still work to do. Even though the decentralized ledger is the technology behind bitcoin, there are still many use cases stemming beyond financial transactions. Swiss bank Credit Suisse looked in depth at the growth of blockchain and collaborated with the World Economic Forum […]

Blockchain And Cryptocurrency [Trend To Watch]

At last year’s Milken Institute Global Conference, an annual event that attracts some of the world’s most extraordinary people to explore solutions to today’s most pressing challenges, a group of experts gathered for a discussion on the future of blockchain. Brian Forde, who is now a senior lecturer at the MIT Sloan School of Management, […]

[Guide] Top 15 Financial Services Trends For 2017

While we can’t always be certain which trends the new year will bring, we can offer predictions based on our conversations with industry executives and our customers, looking at what companies have accomplished in the past year, and the initiatives they already have in place for the future. In fact, that’s exactly how we compiled […]