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How Crowdsourcing Creates Innovation

Sometimes, the best business ideas don’t come from within, but from your most engaged and raving fans. After all, since the customer is buying the product, shouldn’t they also have some say in what they are thinking about purchasing? Enter crowdsourcing, a term created by Jeff Howe back in 2006 to describe the act of […]

5 Hot CRM Initiatives in the High-Tech Industry

  High-tech business is hot right now. In an industry flooded with news of new tech gadgets, start-ups and the next wave of cloud innovation, one thing is for sure – change is constant. As the competitive landscape continues to shift, high-tech companies must continue to be one step ahead of the competition and their customers […]

How to Make the Power of Digital Communities Work for You

  The demand for hyper-connected digital experiences continues with a shift in how organizations are approaching communication and brand interactions but many brands are still missing the mark. This means more than just having one-way marketing coversations with your audience on Facebook and Twitter or infusing mobile apps. Companies need next-generation experiences that are directly plugged into core business processes, […]

Connected Health Trend Countdown: #9 The Connected Enterprise

On Tuesday we launched our Top 10 Trends Countdown with #10: M&A Meets Consumer Engagement. Today we reveal the next trend, which is: Trend #9: The Connected Enterprise As mentioned earlier this week, Connected Health is defined as the care provided to patients when they are not within the clinical care setting. Now I’m talking […]

Gartner Portal Conference Keynote

The keynote took the form of a Jeopardy game with IBM’s Watson at the center. this let Sue, Gene Phifer, and Tom Austin take time to address topics during the questions. Sue – The fusion of technology will bring a huge change and value It’s the fusion of the technology that’s coming to the board […]