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Pros and Cons of Cross Site Publishing

Confused when to use cross site publishing? When does it bring you the most value? Or how does it fit in your content strategy and information architecture? Cross site publishing has been around since the launch of SharePoint 2013. I’ve seen various implementations and variations of it over the years but never surprised when I […]

Cross Site Publishing in SharePoint 2013

SharePoint 2013 cross site publishing allows content authors to create content in a site collection, called Authoring site collection, different from the one where content is published. The clear separation of content from its presentation allows authors to write and manage content without worrying about how and where it will be published. The other obvious […]

SharePoint 2013 – Cross Site Publishing step by step

1. Create at least two site collections – authoring site collection called ‘Authoring’ where content exists and publishing site collection called ‘publishing’ where content will be published. 2. Turn on Cross Site Collection Publishing(XSP) feature on authoring site collection. [Site Settings -> Site Collection Features -> Click Activate right next to XSP feature] 3. Go […]

Navigation goes managed in SharePoint 2013!

Out of box navigation in SharePoint was always bound to site hierarchy until now and implementing a custom navigation around another logical structure or business concept such as hierarchy of units in an organization, categories of product or any custom hierarchy was challenging. Creating a custom source for navigation and maintaining it was even more […]