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AEM with Front-end Technologies Like Grunt

This post will demonstrate how to use Grunt and Grunt plugins with AEM archetype projects. The purpose of front-end technologies integrated with AEM projects is to automate various tasks like Sass lint, compile Sass into CSS, minify CSS, merge JS files, JS error checking, and minify JS. With the use of front-end technologies like Node, […]

Adobe CQ 5.5 Social Communities

Back in March, Adobe launched a new version of its CQ product and I blogged about it a couple of times: Adobe CQ5.5 Sneak Peek Adobe CQ5.5 Now Available At the time of the announcement, Adobe also announced CQ 5.5 Social Communities, but had not yet shipped that feature.  Well, I missed the original shipping […]

Adobe CQ5 Talent in High Demand

Adobe CQ5 Web Content Management skills are in high demand. The jump from CQ4 to CQ5 brought a considerable improvement in the product, wrapped with an elitist bow – aiming to enchant not only techie geeks, but marketers as well. Since then, Day overhauled its upper management echelons, kept up an aggressive research and product […]

Adobe CQ5.5 Sneak Peek

Today I attended a Webinar given by Adobe showing a sneak peek at CQ5.5.  Almost a year ago I blogged about how Adobe CQ5 had arrived.  Adobe CQ5.5 will include significant improvements especially for digital marketers. Adobe plans to announce CQ5.5 in March,  2012 and there will be lots more new features than what I […]

Adobe CQ5 as a Portal

We’ve seen a lot of interest in Adobe CQ5 lately. One question that comes up a lot is about CQ5’s portal capabilities.  Michael Porter blogged last year about the trend of Web Content Management systems to become more portal-like (see Web Content Management’s Trend Towards Portals). It is true that overall CQ5 has lots of traditional […]