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COVID-19: After This Generational Healthcare Disruption, What’s Next?

The novel coronavirus pandemic is perhaps the greatest single disruptor to the American healthcare system since the 1918 flu pandemic or the Civil War. Organizations nationwide are still figuring out how to handle its impact. One approach has been to lean on the healthcare marketing apparatus to speak to consumers, calm their fears, and share […]

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COVID-19: Share How Your Hospital is Keeping Healthcare Consumers Safe (Apr-16)

As with much of normal life, the novel coronavirus has disrupted regular operations for healthcare organizations nationwide. Now your organization is likely limiting, postponing, or canceling services that don’t have to do with COVID-19. Not everyone can simply stay away from the hospital or the doctor’s office. Even in the time of pandemics and social […]

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COVID-19: Changes and Constants in Healthcare Marketing (Apr 9th)

While healthcare marketing efforts are devoted  to coronavirus pandemic, your messaging and outreach strategies can’t come to a halt during the current crisis. This post will explore how you should change your strategy during the time of COVID-19 and how you make use of your existing communications toolbox. Communications Changes to Adapt to the Coronavirus […]

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5 Things You Need to Launch Virtual Visits, COVID-19-Related or Otherwise (April 2)

This first week of April, if you are a hospital system, you are likely in the process of moving all available visits to virtual care; with in-person interactions limited due to the coronavirus crisis, virtual care is now the only way to get most patients the care they need. Moreover, it’s an important time to […]