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Azure Application Insights – Cost Save with this Simple Optimization

Let’s discuss Azure Application Insights and the simple optimization we can do to avoid surprise bills. Azure Application Insights can be used to monitor and check our applications’ health, analyze logs and other metrics related to our application, and view other resources which are included in our Azure subscription. Many teams may have different objectives […]

Telehealth Continues to Gain Favor

Telehealth, not to be confused with telemedicine, is the delivery of health-related services and information via telecommunications technologies. It is yet another way to address healthcare quality issues and offer consumer-centric healthcare. InMedica’s most recent report, “The World Market for Telehealth – A Quantitative Market Assessment – 2011 Edition,” projects the telehealth market will “exceed […]

Government 2.0: Cloud-based and Social

In 2009, President Obama created the new governmental position of Federal Chief Information Officer. As the world’s largest single buyer of IT products and facing ever-increasing fiscal deficits, the United States government was in need of effective, cost-conscious leadership and Vivek Kundra stepped in to take over the role of Federal CIO. His “cloud-first” policy […]