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Ignition Framework – Options Using the View Method Call

The Ignition framework contains an overridden version of the View() method which is used to not only call the view file which is to be rendered but also has a variety of options to support sophisticated logic associated with rendering the view.  The View() method full signature is defined as follows in Ignition. return View<TAgent, […]

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Using Gulp and Unicorn within a SCORE scaffolded project

I would like to share some findings from my investigation into the replacement of TDS with alternative open source tools such as Gulp and Unicorn. Gulp is a toolkit that will help you automate painful or time-consuming tasks in your development workflow, including build operations. Gulp is a pure JavaScript module for NodeJS. JavaScript is […]

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To The Controller And Back. Part 2 – Validation

In part 1 I looked at how Sitecore routes controllers that the forms POST to. Let’s see how you can go about validating your forms. I will show you traditional POST as well as AJAX forms with HTML fragments and JSON data. Test It Do you test your server side validation? How often did you […]

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To The Controller And Back. Part 1 – Routing

Martina Welander has recently posted two great articles on POSTing forms with Sitecore MVC (part 1, part 2). I am very excited to see MVC in context of Sitecore being posted about more and more. Here at BrainJocks we fully embraced MVC since the day it came out officially supported in 6.6 and never looked […]