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Digital Brain . Ai Concept

Healthcare Meets Digital Technology

Wild tribes join with age-old enemies to fight the night king and his zombie legions. Nomadic hordes swarm across the sea with their dragon queen to enter the fray. Kings in the North set aside family squabbles to defend their fortress in a moment of peril. Is this a model for healthcare transformation through digital […]

Focused, Serious Medical Scientists Analyzing Research Scans On A Computer, Working Late In The Laboratory. Lab Workers Examine And Talk About Results From A Checkup While Working Overtime

5 Quick Tips for Healthcare IT: Turning Setbacks into Success

I work in an industry with contradicting messages around the term failure. On one hand we hear to fail fast, be innovative, try different things, and “don’t let perfection be a roadblock to progress.” On the other hand – and especially when it comes to performance reviews, – nobody wants to have to justify that […]

Healthcare: When the lights go out and power fails

To quote “It is a hospital’s nightmare: The power goes out and the backup generators don’t kick in, leaving critically ill patients without the mechanical help they need to breathe.” Hurricane Katrina and the patients that died in dark New Orleans hospitals should have taught us what happens when electricity and water cut out. […]