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Data As Experience: Context Is King

This is a continuation of my Data As Experience Series.  The last post was on the Customer Role. Context: Why It’s Important You cannot create a great report or insight without first taking into account a user’s context.  Where they are and what they are doing should influence what you create for them.  Remember that […]

Data as Experience: A Series

In the past several years, I’ve seen both successful and failed insights initiatives. Perhaps the first element of failure is what they call these efforts: Reports Executive Reports Reporting A focus on the number of reports Large focus on specific fields in reports, to the exclusion of other elements When I look at elements of […]

Sitecore Symposium 2017 Kickoff

The 2017 Sitecore Symposium kicked off with a video highlighting multiple customers wanting to be free: To get the things they want To be understood Mark Frost, new CEO of Sitecore, kicked it off. He spoke about significant tech improvements that help brands connect with their customers. Stats: 2,900 attendees from 57 countries 600 companies […]

Why Do Contextual Ads Fail?

I’ve blogged about the personalization failure before.  Now it looks like others are catching on to the ultimate failure on their part, even as they harvest huge amounts of private information about us. This article in ComputerWorld outlines the issues. The author Mike Elgan hits the topic of privacy quickly and never lets it go: […]

7. A Patient Portal Is Contextual

You can find the entire, What Is a Patient Portal series here. Today’s discussion may have the most significant impact on a patient ability to understand their medical record but it’s also the most difficult to explain.  So let me give you some definitions: Contextual: The circumstances that form the setting for an event, statement, […]