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AEM Author Notifications Made Easy

The life cycle of an AEM implementation involves code development and deployment, content authoring, server maintenance, AEM Service Pack upgrades, and rare disaster recovery. DevOps operation involves meticulous planning and execution. One of the planning and execution steps is communicating to stakeholders and AEM users, especially authors, about maintenance activity. This will help prevent the authors […]

Resources Available for New Sitecore Content Authors

In response to a previous blog post on the 6 Sitecore video channels to follow in 2019, I was asked: “What other training resources are available for brand new Sitecore content authors?”. Unfortunately, my answer right now is “Not many.” However, in this post, I’ll try to give you the good and bad on what content author focused Sitecore resources are […]

Sitecore Developers: Get To Know Your Content Authors

It’s no secret that I love working with and designing great content authoring experiences in Sitecore. While I’ve talked extensively about the technical considerations of designing for the Sitecore Experience Editor, considerations for a quality content authoring experience actually begins by understanding who your content authors will be. When developing components for use in the […]