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 Amazon Connect Dynamic Menus from a Document Upload

Our consultant team of Amazon Connect experts worked together to creatively solve an interesting business use case for one of our clients. We were presented with a scenario that required business users to dynamically update their IVR menus, while not being able to directly access the call center system. This business team also needed the […]

Dynamic Contact Flow configuration with Amazon Connect

What is a “dynamic” configuration? Amazon Connect contact flow editor allows you to configure IVR settings easily through a graphical interface. Dynamic configuration comes in handy for more complex use cases. That way, it’s possible to manage the setup through a central place, usually a database. A good example of that is international contact flows. […]

Building an Amazon Connect Holiday Calendar in 4 Easy Steps

Between calendars, the check queue status node as well as the capacity settings for each queue, Amazon Connect administrators have several options to handle a busy work day. However, there are some scenarios where the routing behavior needs to be customized beyond these out of the box options. One example would be setting up a […]

Amazon Connect Contact Flow Logging

Amazon announced several new and exciting features for Amazon Connect in Q4 2017. They’ve added support for contact flow import and export, contact flow logging, the Login/ Logout report, agent event streams, etc. In this video, I show you how to enable the new contact flow logging feature, find a specific customer interaction and read […]

Setting up Callbacks within Amazon Connect

When configuring the call center experience administrators should keep in mind that long wait times will invariably lead to dropped calls and frustrated customers. An easy way to make sure your callers don’t have to wait on hold for a long time when no agents are available is to make use of the callback feature. […]