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The Mobile App Response to COVID-19

As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to spread, we are seeing brick-and-mortar hours change and doors closing for a period of days and weeks. The retail and restaurant industries have been hit hard in particular, and it will likely get worse. Only time will tell. Fortunately, though, consumers can still engage with their favorite brands. In […]

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Consumer Goods Brands are Optimizing Omnichannel Strategies

Currently, customers are engaging with brands like never before. Consumers continue to look for top reviews, consistent messaging, and a seamless experience for their shopping routine. Customers have the ability to engage with companies instantaneously, and also, change their mind just as quick. This engagement proves why companies must implement effective omnichannel strategies. Implementing new […]

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Oral-B Implements AI-Powered Toothbrush to Enhance Mouth Hygiene

It’s no secret that artificial intelligence (AI) is working its way into every industry day-by-day. Oral health is no different. Recently Oral-B introduced an electric toothbrush that uses AI to track how people brush their teeth and offers personalized tips on oral hygiene. The toothbrush’s programming features thousands of brushing patterns to recognize each user’s […]

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Are Consumers Subscribing to Easier Shopping?

Consumer buying trends are consistently changing; from purchases, in-store assistance, to mobile shopping, and now monthly subscriptions. In today’s technologically advanced society, the consumer purchasing process is consistently adapting to the hectic lifestyle of the consumer. Through these new waves of shopping experiences, consumers are optimizing their efforts in subscription purchases. Approximately 15% of online […]

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Trends in Consumer Goods: A Look Back—and Ahead

Every day, we sit at our computers and read the constant flow of headlines that cross the wires. In our meetings, we hear about our competitors, from what they are working on to how they are getting it done. It is these stories that drive organizations to innovate and perform better. It is these conversations […]

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Be a Retailer That Stands for Something

Standing for something as a brand is about being bigger than just the products you sell. Establishing your position on topics of social responsibility, promoting your brand values and culture, and supporting worthwhile causes through your philanthropic efforts are great ways to connect to your community on an emotional level and catch the attention of […]

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Creating a Brand Community Among Your Customers

Everybody loves to be loved, right? Your brand’s community is the following of loyal customers that surrounds your products. A strong community can be an excellent resource for your brand, as it strengthens your retention rates, boosts repeat sales, and provides you with advocates who can help promote your products and support you during a […]

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Omnichannel Strategy: Consistent Experiences at Every Touchpoint

Omnichannel experiences are ones that provide a seamless shopping experience across all channels – in brick-and-mortar stores and across digital. To do it well, your messaging and the purchasing processes must be consistent and harmonious. Why is omnichannel marketing essential? This attempt to be everywhere for everyone means that traditional retailers could have an advantage […]

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Customer Service Through Self-Service: Your My Account Experience

You may have a different name for it, but your My Account experience is the self-service avenue you provide customers to manage their relationship with your brand before, during, and after the purchase process. This includes elements such as their shopping cart, wishlist, payment and shipping information, order history, loyalty program membership, preferred brick-and-mortar store, […]

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Creating an Immersive Product Experience

The product experience encompasses all aspects of the product itself: what it does, detailed product specifications, images, video, sizing and color options, complementary product recommendations, and customer-provided content like ratings, reviews, and images of the product in use. Why is your product experience so essential? As more and more retail purchases are made online rather […]

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The Next Big Consumer Segment: People with Disabilities

If you’re a digital technologist, you’re likely familiar with the concept of digital accessibility, which has come to the forefront of digital design. Digital accessibility is the ability of a website, mobile application, video, or electronic document to be easily navigated and understood by a wide range of users, including those who have visual, auditory, […]

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Top 5 Reasons for eCommerce Consumer Cart Abandonment

What I’m about to tell you has been said and done before. Quite frankly, most of it is pretty common sense. But, common sense sometimes just isn’t enough to get businesses and executives motivated to alter and improve their eCommerce shopping cart. If it was, we’d be having an entirely different conversation and users would […]

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More than Discounts: 4 Tips for a Leading Loyalty Program

Membership in loyalty programs continues to rise, and it isn’t surprising. There are options everywhere. Sometimes all it takes is giving an email address or checking a box, and congrats – you’re a loyalty member! But even though membership is up, fewer people are actually engaging with these programs. The average person is a member of around […]

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#NRF16 Takeaways: How the Retail Landscape is Changing

The National Retail Federation’s annual Big Show is a visual overload of the latest and greatest retail technologies. I was fortunate to attend this year and came away with these thoughts: Retail has become lower touch and no touch. I viewed the emergence of touch-screen vending machines that interact with you as a consumer. You have […]

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Agility: The Future of Retail – NRF 2016

As we are half way through day 2 at NRF, large crowds are grazing through the expo halls while innovative speakers are educating attendees on top trends and imperative solutions that are driving the retail industry this year. As the retail industry moves fast and furious, businesses must not only improve customer experience and drive […]

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Top Trends in Consumer Markets for 2016

This year is shaping up to be the best year for the retail and consumer products segments since the recession. Moody’s recently upgraded its retail forecast to a 5.3% growth rate in 2016, almost double the growth rate in the last few years, with particularly strong growth expected in home improvement and grocery. Although apparel […]

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Sharing our retail success stories at NRF 2016

Moody’s recently upgraded its retail forecast to a 5.3% growth rate in 2016, almost double the growth rate in the last few years. We’ve done a lot for retail companies in the past two years to plan for this growth and evolve and improve their systems to accommodate it. Because we are so focused on helping our […]

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The Year in Review | Top 10 Consumer Markets Posts of 2015

As we are deep into prime shopping season, we’d like to take a moment to look back at the extraordinary year 2015 has been. With mobile, personalization, security and digital disruption, there was no shortage of change in the industry. Here were our top ten posts of the year:   Ten | 4 Lessons in […]

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Digital Transformation for Retailers (Part 3 of 5): The What

Perficient has been covering broad digital transformation trends for a while, and the Consumer Markets team here at Perficient wanted to highlight how the principles of digital transformation apply specifically to brands and retailers. In the last entry in our “Digital Transformation in Retail” series, we outlined the underlying drivers to explain why digital transformation […]

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Digital Transformation for Retailers (Part 2 of 5): Why?

Perficient has been covering broad digital transformation trends for a while, and the Consumer Markets team here at Perficient wanted to highlight how the principles of digital transformation apply specifically to brands and retailers. In our opener of our “Digital Transformation in Retail” series, we urged these companies to become particularly deliberate about their own […]

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