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Combining Online and Offline Data in Automotive – Part One

As technology advances, new ways to gather customer data and new ways to use that data in marketing and customer outreach have emerged. This has created a new need for many companies in various industries. The need to combine offline data with online data in accurate and intelligent ways, allowing the organization to gather more […] Resizeimage 5 (2)

Transparency: Going Beyond Privacy Regulations

Consumers are all too willing to share their information for a dollar off at the supermarket. However, this doesn’t mean they don’t worry about how data could affect their privacy. And this concern is well-founded due to the amount of data being created and shared in today’s digital world. It’s true, companies must be mindful […]

Volunteering as a Data Donor: Giving in the Name of Advertising

Every week over 50,000 households in the United States share their purchases with the National Consumer Panel. Wielding a special laser scanner, these Americans capture the UPC codes of all food and apparel bought and brought into their homes. They even mark down their gas fill-ups, vending machine impulses, and afternoon coffee splurges. All of […]