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4 Great Shortcuts for Oracle Cloud HCM Compensation

Finding a new shortcut, such as DIY home projects or driving to a familiar location, is always helpful.  Of course, it is nice to be more efficient at work; any tips can help improve your speed. Specifically, the Compensation module for Oracle Cloud HCM has many shortcuts to enhance the user experience.  Unfortunately, we continue […]

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Remote Workers and Compensation: Should You Differentiate?

In the age of the Great Resignation, the hunt for good talent is a tall order.  With many competitive and even outrageous offers, it is a challenge not only to grab NEW talent successfully but also manage to keep your current talent happy and navigate the dire inequity you are surely creating internally. When you […]

Salaries In Life Sciences: How Does Yours Compare?

  While we work in an industry in which we aim to treat patients, rich or poor, we live in a world where money is often deemed king. And, with an influx of financial investments pouring into newer pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, people are jumping ship more than ever, making it harder for big pharma […]