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How We Deliver Salesforce Communities Without Giving Up Vacation

Delivering on a project like this is one that makes the whole team feel good. But how do you do this while still maintaining your sanity, let alone a life outside of work? Obstacle: Faced with a Super-Tight Deadline but it’s a Great Opportunity OpenTable heard about our community expertise and came to us in […]

Top 4 Spring ’18 Community Features to be Excited About

It’s that time of year again — the holidays are over, but we have something even better to look forward to: the Spring ’18 Release! I’m going to try to temper my exclamation points, bolds and all caps, but let me tell you, this release is beyond exciting! Let’s break down the Top 4 Areas […]

Deploy Community Builder Templates in 3 Simple Steps!

While you can create a Salesforce Community using the Community Builder directly in your production environment, I would not recommend it in the majority of cases. Fortunately, it is quite easy to deploy your templates into production by following these three simple steps: Step 1: Use Change Sets Use change sets to move all custom lightning […]

Salesforce Communities #DF15 Focus: Social, Mobile, Self-Service

Last year at Dreamforce, Salesforce announced their Community Builder, a new tool that empowers companies to quickly launch self-service communities using one of three templates: Napili, Koa, Kokua. At the time, the product was in Beta and lacked key extensibility features required by more enterprise customers. The product showed great promise, but few people adopted […]

Make an Impact with Your Self-Service Online Community

The Community Builder is the future of Salesforce Communities and Salesforce is heavily investing in making it extremely user-friendly, easy-to-implement and fully extensible. If you are considering putting in a pubic knowledge base or self-service community, I urge you to look strongly at the Community Builder templates as the tool to go with for those […]

Take Your Community UX to the Next Level

Make Your Salesforce Community Usable and Useful A quality user experience is best achieved when the design is based on user-research that documents user pain points and goals, and maps out user journeys. With better understanding of your users, you can create designs that not only remove barriers but optimize the entire experience. Surface what […]