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Information, Monitoring & Automation – A System Admin’s Views

As a part of my role, I am responsible for maintaining uptime for giant e-commerce web applications and their infrastructures. Whenever any issue occurs on the live e-commerce web application, we need to collect infrastructure and application logs, which provide us with information about the issue. We then analyze the logs and perform the appropriate steps to […]

Fortifying your eCommerce Servers with a Bastion Host

Ensuring the security of business-critical servers hosting e-commerce websites is a challenge in itself. And with the internet becoming an increasingly hostile environment, with threats of all kinds lurking around and ready to exploit, one needs to be a step ahead and increase the perimeter of their security. A bastion host, as the name itself […]

Using Caching Technology to Boost eCommerce Business

Caching is technology that enhances the performance of websites—making them load faster when compared to a traditional server without caching. When used correctly and as per application need, caching can reduce the load on the server, which results in lower server resource consumption. Some Background on the Need for Caching RAM is an important aspect […]

Sitecore acquires

Last week, Sitecore announced acquisition of from SMITH(formerly Ascentium), a global digital agency that develops and supports it. is a continuation of Microsoft Commerce Server. Acquisition of complements well as it brings B2B and B2C e-commerce capabilities to Sitecore’s Customer Experience Platform(CXP). As per Sitecore press note, “Sitecore’s acquisition lays the foundation for […]