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Azure Did You Know? Management using the Cross Platform Command Line Interface

The Microsoft Azure Xplat-CLI provides a cross-platform command line interface for managing, deploying, configuring and developing Microsoft Azure applications and services. While the browser based Management Portal works great, you can’t script and automate it. Using the Xplat-CLI you can do just that! Unlike PowerShell, that only supports Windows, the Xplat-CLI supports Windows, Mac OSX and […]


Helping TDS some more

A few months ago I blogged about helping TDS clean up after file replacement. Today I learned that TDS needs some more help and decided to give it a hand. Built Files When TDS builds your TDS.Master project it goes through various steps to copy your solution files, do file replacements, perform XML config transforms, […]

Cool Android Development Stuff Part 1: Setting Up ADB

Hello eager reader! So you want to delve deeper into mobile web application development? Or maybe you are just bored and don’t have any billable work to be doing (you DON’T have any billable work to be doing, right?). In any case, I am here to help. Disclaimer: This blog post is going to include […]