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Exposing TM1 Top

So what is TM1 TOP? Definition and Access The TM1 Top utility empowers you to dynamically monitor “threads” running in an instance of a Cognos TM1 server. TM1 Threads are of three possible “types”: User Threads – Name of an actual user that is logged into TM1 Chore Threads – A chore running on the […]

Modeling with IBM Cognos TM1 Performance Modeler

  After you launch Performance Modeler, the “Model Design” pane displays to suggest the steps you need to take to create a model. There are 4 steps, including: Defining dimensions Building cubes Creating “links” between your cubes and finally, Adding Rules and Processes. Defining Dimensions Using TM1 Architect you can select Dimensions, right-click and select […]

IBM Cognos TM1 – Cube Naming Ideas

Start Early!  Another important design best practice that should be established early in the development process is establishing naming conventions for your cubes. In fact, it is highly recommended that you introduce your entire project user community – Architects, Modelers, Contributors, Analysts and Consumers – to all of your naming conventions, as part of a […]

TM1 Modeling Best Practice – Optimally Locating Solution Logic

To insure that acceptable levels of performance and maintainability can be achieved, an “architectural purist” (like me) will want to recommend that when implementing your Cognos TM1 model, great care be taken when deciding where you implement the specific logic that the solution requires. Although there will always be “room for exception” (for example to […]