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Performance Testing TM1Web Applications with HP LoadRunner

If you’ve ever attempted to perform a performance test on a TM1 application, you know that there is not really an effective way to manually create sufficient load on a model. Getting “real users” to execute application operations – over and over again – is nearly impossible. Thankfully, an automated testing product can solve for […]

Cognos TM1 Off-Site Testing Recommendations

General Coordination From a general testing perspective, consider the following: Identify and visit the test site before the planned testing days Establish an “onsite” coordinator – usually someone associated with the facility (hotel or facilities manager, perhaps) who will be responsible for any facility provided accommodations Inspect and Validate any and all facility provided accommodations […]

Modeling with IBM Cognos TM1 Performance Modeler

  After you launch Performance Modeler, the “Model Design” pane displays to suggest the steps you need to take to create a model. There are 4 steps, including: Defining dimensions Building cubes Creating “links” between your cubes and finally, Adding Rules and Processes. Defining Dimensions Using TM1 Architect you can select Dimensions, right-click and select […]

Basic Data Analysis and IBM SPSS

    The basic steps in data analysis might be simplified into (1) Identifying data, (2) Selecting an analysis and summarization method and (3) Presenting the results. Over the next couple of weeks I will look at using IBM SPSS version 20 to accomplish these tasks. Today, I want to focus on loading a data […]