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Cognitive Cloud is Driving Financial Transformation

Stock market investment has been a topic of discussion for much of the last century. From maximizing returns to understanding trends, the process has generally been manual. The cognitive cloud is changing that. Disruptive technologies are fundamentally altering the financial technology industry. They’re reducing the complexity of investment decisions by making offers and products more […]

Win the Gold with Cloud Technologies

Every four years, the world comes together for the Olympics. This global event is an athletic spectacle bringing together humanity for a few weeks to celebrate humanity’s athletic achievements. For me, the Olympics are exciting because I get to watch sports normally not shown on TV and immerse myself in the emotion and pageantry of each […]

How to Create Customer Service in the Cognitive Cloud

Customer service is a default need for any organization that serves a wide base of customers. As customers ourselves, we expect issues to arise from time to time and will look for relevant phone numbers and emails to contact to achieve problem resolution. When deploying your own modern customer service program around your products, it’s […]