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IBM Cognos TM1 Certification

Certification           The benefits of earning a certification in Cognos TM1 are many. These include: A self-assessment of your skills Identifying areas of greater strengths and/or weakness Building a killer resume, industry acceptance and prestige. With Cognos TM1, the COG-310 (developer certification) is the exam you’ll want to prepare for. It […]

Navigating Cognos TM1 Cube Types

navigation Cubes are to TM1 what tables are to relational databases.  Almost all data stored in TM1 is stored in and accessed from cubes. Do you know the difference between the types of these basic objects?   Let’s explore!     First, each and every TM1 cube must have at least two and up to […]

Cognos TM1 Drill-Through

What is Drill-thru? Drill-through can be described as the “act of exploring related   information” or the “act of moving between related data via a link of some kind”. More specifically, drill through usually exploits a relationship between “master” and “detail” information. (By clicking a master item in the master information the details of the clicked […]