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Fundamental Questions to Ask When Performing Solution Assessments

Center of Excellence Any self-respecting Center of Excellence will practice solution assurance by conducting timely solution reviews and assessments as part of their teams design, development and deployment processes.  These assessments will of course require formal “deep dives” into the solutions program code, but at a high level, the following are 5 fundamental questions to […]

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Introducing the Concept of Practice IP

On the agenda of every Practice Center of Excellence must be:  “Implement and formalize IP identification and development”. The first step in establishing a program of this type is to clearly understand the concept of “practice intellectual property” – keeping in mind that the “traditional” concept of IP is mostly outdated. Practice leadership must understand […]

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Your Approach to a Center of Excellence

The most effective approach to establishing a center of excellence within an organization is to start on a smaller scale, with very specific and very realistic goals defined. A famous saying can be applied here “it is not a destination, but rather a journey…” This will be true of every successful CoE imitative. Mistakes and […]

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The 10 Commandments of a Successful Center of Excellence

    An organizations center of excellence may begin as an “informal body” comprised of experienced and knowledgeable personnel from the practice, but over time, the COE should get additional powers on the basis of noted contributions to successful projects and receive additional funding to expand the scope of its operations. The following are the […]

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Expectations for a Center of Excellence

If your organization has implemented a center of excellence initiative, that’s great! But what should you expect from it?   Here are 5 basic CoE objectives: Sharing Your Center of Excellence should continually strive to identify “practical assets” revealed during project work that could simplify or improve the efforts of the practice it supports. These […]

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Manage Projects -like a Goal Keeper

While watching my daughter’s field hockey team compete last weekend, I came to realize that a project manager might learn a lot from a goalkeeper. To be a successful goalie, you need to approach goal tending just as a project manager might manage a project – as a leader, and with a practiced process. Let […]

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Implementing your Centre for Excellence

 Vision To build a CoE, it is absolutely essential to have a clearly defined vision. History proves that this grand, overall vision (or    plan) is critical to developing dominance in a specialty area. Once you establish a plan, specific strategies can then be developed based upon this plan. If strategies are not utilized in connection […]

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Leadership: be the future; don’t just talk about it…

I recently spent some time in Hilton Head, SC with my family recharging and refocusing. Although the company and the scenery were more than inspiring enough to me, I came across the following article “6 Steps to Become Amazingly Inspirational” by Mr. Simon Stapleton, July 18, 2012 and would like to share its message. In his […]

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Doing the impossible

– It’s kinda fun to do the impossible – Walt Disney Doing the Impossible  Everyone’s been involved in a seemingly impossible situation. Sooner or later as a professional consultant, we find ourselves there. Impossible deadlines, endlessly changing requirements, lack of skilled resources, technical limitations – whatever.  In these circumstances, what makes the difference between success […]

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A Case for a Center of Excellence

Center of Excellence (CoE)   A Forrester survey (“The EA View: BPM Has Become Mainstream”, Forrester Research, Inc.) indicated:   “Of companies experiencing clear measurable improvement in FPM, 49% have a CoE in place”   With that in mind, I attended a presentation by Sandy Kemsley, (an accomplished FPM Analyst and Consultant) entitled, “Maximizing FPM […]

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