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Automate Exporting CloudWatch Logs to S3

Written by Gerald Frilot. Published by Tony Harper.   AWS CloudWatch is a unified monitoring service for AWS services and your cloud applications. Using AWS CloudWatch, you can:   monitor your AWS account and resources generate a stream of events trigger alarms and actions for specific conditions manually export CloudWatch log groups to an Amazon […]

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Sending and Receiving an event through EventBridge with Multiple Targets

In this context, we will show how to send an event using custom rule and retrieve an event by adding target. Here I have added two targets which is simple pub/sub implementation as Amazon SNS as our publishing service, Amazon SQS as a subscriber and monitor the success event logs using AWS CloudWatch in EVENTBRIDGE. […]

Amazon Connect and Lambda logs: Error loading Log Streams

Error loading Log Streams Trying to get your Lambda function logs to show up in Cloudwatch, but you keep getting an error loading log streams? “There was an error loading Log Streams. Please try again by refreshing this page.” Chances are, you are here because refreshing didn’t help. I ran into this issue as I […]

Amazon Connect Contact Flow Logging

Amazon announced several new and exciting features for Amazon Connect in Q4 2017. They’ve added support for contact flow import and export, contact flow logging, the Login/ Logout report, agent event streams, etc. In this video, I show you how to enable the new contact flow logging feature, find a specific customer interaction and read […]

Monitoring Amazon Connect with Cloudwatch

Amazon Connect integrates with CloudWatch to provide monitoring capabilities for various contact center metrics.¬† Here is an article providing more details:¬†Monitoring Cloudwatch In this blog post we add more details on some contact center metrics that are not yet documented, and how to trigger them. As noted in the article, Amazon Connect integrates with CloudWatch […]