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AEM and Google Cloud Vision – Impressions to Implementation

Chad Johnson’s recent observations on Google’s Cloud Vision API led us to start thinking of ways the image recognition software could be utilized within Adobe Experience Manager (AEM).  Automatic asset tagging immediately sprang to mind.  This solution reduces the burden on the end user in manually identifying and tagging the assets with relevant metadata.  Google’s […]

My Initial Impressions of Google’s Cloud Vision API

When Google released the Cloud Vision API last month I started to think of the interesting ways that artificially intelligent image recognition could be used.  One idea that jumped to mind was enhancing the ability to search for marketing images and stock photography in a digital asset management system. As much as companies encourage individuals to tag and annotate […]

Google Releases Cloud Vision API. I Eat Crow.

Last year Google introduced groundbreaking image recognition technology as part of their release of Google Photos.  Deep neural networks could identify objects, people and places inside of photographs with astonishing accuracy, completely autonomously. As fascinating as this technology is, I was certain that Google would keep it locked away inside their own products like Google Photos and Google Drive […]