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Oracle’s New Features for EDM (December 2022 Release)

Oracle has released over 25 new features this month for EDM (Enterprise Data Management). At the top of the list is a pre-built application type for Enterprise Profitability and Cost Management. The details for this new application type can be found here. But there are a number of other updates which warrant discussion as well. […]

Oracle EDM Expands to Enterprise Profitability and Cost Management

A big benefit of Oracle EDM (Enterprise Data Management) is all of the pre-built application types contained within the solution. These application types greatly decrease the development time required by customers during EDM projects. Properties, validations, and exports are provided out-of-the-box with these application types. And starting with this month’s release, EDM now has a […]

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Oracle EDM and FreeForm Planning

Oracle’s September new features list for EDM (Enterprise Data Management) contains quite a few exciting items. One particular new feature that Oracle EPM customers should be aware of is EDM’s ability to support FreeForm Planning applications. Starting this month, EDM now contains an new application type specifically for FreeForm Planning applications!   The application registration […]

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Oracle EPM Cloud Automation Updates

Automation is a critical aspect of any mature technological platform. Oracle’s recent updates to their EPM Cloud offerings include several new and exciting automation capabilities. Continue to read below for explanation on several of the noteworthy enhancements.   New and Improved EPM Automate Commands cloneEnvironment – Provides ability to clone the environment.  The UsersAndPreDefinedRoles optional […]

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Three Things to Know About Next Generation Reporting in Oracle’s EPM Platform

Oracle is introducing major enhancements to its EPM reporting capabilities with the February 2021 update. These enhancements will undoubtedly provide Oracle EPM customers the opportunity to expand their current reporting abilities to meet the challenges facing organizations today. Continue reading below as we touch on three things every customer must know about the new functionality […]

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A Key Guide for Oracle EPM Cloud Customers

Oracle’s EPM Cloud Operations Guide is a must-have document for Oracle cloud EPM customers. This guide provides procedures to address many of the most common challenges encountered by customers. Whether it’s performance enhancements, security settings, compatibility questions, etc. – the guide contains instructions for addressing these challenges. No longer do EPM cloud customers have to […]

PBCS vs. EPBCS: The Planning Cloud Decision

“CLOUD! CLOUD! CLOUD!” Oracle offers TWO Planning applications on the cloud: PBCS and EPBCS. The following blog will describe the differences between the two and how Perficient can demonstrate the differences by attending our Planning Create & Manage class in Houston. First off, I am sure most of you are wondering, what do those acronyms […]

What’s New in Oracle EPM Cloud

  Unable to attend Oracle OpenWorld to learn about the latest developments in Oracle EPM Cloud? It can be difficult to keep abreast of all the changes in this evolving landscape, but we’ve got you covered. In this on-demand event, Perficient’s Oracle EPM leadership explores the current cloud offerings and what’s around the corner. Whether […]

Survey Says Legacy Systems Not Meeting Current Demands

A recent survey of 1,900 finance leaders released by Oracle and Intel reveals that the CFO/CIO alignment is more important than ever as cloud is viewed as a key strategy to transform their business. The survey, included in a report titled Modern Finance: Driving Transformation from Within, found that: “45% of finance leaders say they’re […]

Reflecting on Kscope16

Kscope16, ODTUG’s user conference known for providing a rich opportunity for networking and education on Oracle technologies, didn’t disappoint this year.  Conference attendees had numerous hands-on training sessions to choose from as well as a full day of Sunday Symposiums featuring Oracle VPs and product managers sharing insights into what is new and what to […]

Benefits Driving the Cloud EPM Trend

What is driving CFOs and CIOs to move more quickly to cloud EPM? Faster deployment is one reason, but there can be clear financial benefits as well, which can continue to increase over time as businesses add more users, and the ongoing addition of new features helps increase user productivity. Facilitating Mergers and Acquisitions After a […]

ROI with Cloud Applications on the Rise

There are clear financial benefits driving the shift toward cloud-based solutions. In an April 2016 Research Note by Nucleus Research, they “found that cloud application projects deliver 2.1 times the ROI of on-premises ones” and that figure is on the rise, “up 24 percent since 2012“1. In addition, companies deploying cloud-based applications “incur 63 percent lower initial consulting and implementation costs” and […]

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