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Gartner ITxpo: Real Time Data Drives Fanatics Growth

        Amit Jain, Director of BI and Data Visualization at Fanatics, spoke on what they are doing to keep the world’s largest seller of licensed sports merchandise, ahead of the competition.  It means having a technology platform that is as agile as the athletes in the game. Built on AWS and powered by […]

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Reflecting on Kscope16

Kscope16, ODTUG’s user conference known for providing a rich opportunity for networking and education on Oracle technologies, didn’t disappoint this year.  Conference attendees had numerous hands-on training sessions to choose from as well as a full day of Sunday Symposiums featuring Oracle VPs and product managers sharing insights into what is new and what to […]

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Power BI General Availability Date Announced

In a little bit of an underplayed blog post, Microsoft announced last weekend that Power BI general availability would be July 24, 2015.   This is great to finally hear/read, because it has felt like DECADES since the preview for the Power BI “new experience” went online. In reality though, it’s only been since the beginning of […]

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Power BI Refresh for both Online and On-Premises Data Sources

Great news!  As of July 7, 2015, data refresh is alive and working in Power BI v2! Last month, the Power BI team activated the ability to refresh from online sources like Salesforce, Azure storage, and Google Analytics.  But now, you can refresh datasetsthat connect to on-premises sources as well.   All the common on-premises data sources […]

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Modernize Your Business Analytics Platform with Cloud Solutions

In today’s data digitized world, no business or organization can survive, let alone thrive, without a solid data management and data analysis infrastructure. For several decades now, organizations have relied on platforms and analytics software to analyze their digital data in order to understand the health of their business, layout business and management strategies, identify […]

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Cloud BI use cases

Cloud BI comes in different forms and shapes, ranging from just visualization to full-blown EDW combined with visualization and Predictive Analytics. The truth of the matter is every niche product vendor offers some unique feature which other product suite does not offer. In most case you almost always need more than one suite of BI […]

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Leverage Power BI with SQL Server 2014 & Azure: Webinar Recap

Earlier in the year, we held a popular webinar on utilizing Power BI, a new Microsoft offering (then in preview). Of course, much has changed since that previous webinar, with Power BI being available to the general public and the release of SQL Server 2014. In light of those changes, my colleague, Andy Tegethoff, a […]

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Pervasive Data in Microsoft’s Cloud OS

As early as the beginning of this year, Microsoft began positioning their “Cloud OS” concept, based on the pillars of Windows Server and Microsoft (formerly Windows) Azure.  This perspective on the spectrum of Microsoft’s offerings casts Cloud OS as a giant next generation operating system, with all the scope and scalability that cloud computing offers. […]

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New Azure VMs improve SQL Server Data Warehousing in the cloud

While poking around in Azure, looking to set up a BI Demo VM , I noticed that Microsoft had added a few SQL Server-oriented images to their catalog.   VMs labeled “SQL Server… for Data Warehousing”! There was one for SQL Server 2012 (SQL Server 2012 SP1 for Data Warehousing on WS 2012) and one for the current […]

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Power BI Update

“Power BI is a compelling new offering with advanced collaborative BI capabilities –including mobile cross-platform reporting– to Office 365 SharePoint Online users.    But that’s not all.  Power BI also encompasses new tools in Excel 2013 that support streamlined self-service reporting and analytics.    Find out how you can leverage the hot new self-service BI features coming […]

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Microsoft Cloud BI: SharePoint in the Cloud

Previously, we addressed the specifics of data services in Azure, and what paths might be valid for SQL Server BI.   Today, we’ll look at delivering data to users — the “last mile” of Microsoft’s cloud BI story — via SharePoint. Whenever you talk about delivery of Microsoft BI, the first point of discussion is logically […]

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Microsoft Cloud BI: Azure Virtual Machines, pt 2

In the last post in this series, we looked at why Azure Machines are the most likely candidate for workable SQL Server-based cloud BI implementations.   Today, we talk turkey about actual limitations and things you need to know as you look at a potential solution in this environment. The first thing to know is that Azure […]

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Microsoft Cloud BI: Azure Virtual Machines, pt. 1

In my last post in this series, I described the basics of Data Services within Microsoft’s Windows Azure public cloud platform.   Basically, we were able to somewhat exclude the majority of PaaS offerings in Azure and home in on the IaaS offering:  Azure Virtual Machines. Azure VM’s are effectively the only real path to full-fledged […]

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Microsoft Cloud BI: Azure Data Services for BI?

In my first post in this series, I talked a little about the basics of cloud BI and Microsoft’s Windows Azure public cloud platform.  I gave a brief glimpse of what services Azure offers for BI.   So to begin with, let’s recap the Azure data services offerings in terms of the cloud computing models available.  Azure’s […]

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Microsoft Cloud BI: An Introduction

As with “All Things Cloud” for the last year or so, Cloud BI is a subject of much buzz. But if you look around, aside from a few niche vendors that have developed Software as a Service (SaaS)  and Platform as a Service (PaaS) BI packages, there’s not a lot of clear information or even thinking. Something close […]

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Amazon Redshift: BI in the Cloud

BI and DW in the cloud has been avoided by companies for a while now. There are many reasons that are attributed for the slow start. Companies want to play the wait and watch approach when it comes to moving BI to the cloud The offered solutions were not straightforward and not much cost effective […]

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