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Benefits of Application Modernization: Get Insights from Data

A little over a decade ago, one of the world’s largest online retail brands launched a technology to support its business operations. Cloud computing (as it was called in 2006) was considered an emerging technology, and yet it spawned a revolution. Which company is behind it all? You may have already guessed, but it’s Amazon. […]

AI adoption allows employees and AI to co-exist

Meet Perficient’s Chief Strategists: Eric Roch

Thrilling our clients with innovation and impact – it’s not just rhetoric. This belief is instrumental for our clients’ success. Earlier this year, we announced the first class of Chief Strategists, who provide vision and leadership to help our clients remain competitive. Get to know each of our strategists as they share their unique insights […]

3 Cloud Application Migration Mistakes to Avoid

Born in the cloud startups have a unique advantage of being able to avoid the pain of application migration into the cloud. With no complex infrastructure to hold them down, organizations can go global instantly and experience immediate business results. According to IBM, 65 to 75 percent of applications could benefit from moving to the […]