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[Next Week] Incorporating Digital Tech Into Clinical Trials

Innovative mobile technologies are continuously being introduced, and savvy life sciences organizations are taking note. Many of these technologies have the potential to drastically reduce the time and cost of clinical trials, from subject recruitment to data collection, not to mention likely create a boost in patient engagement. Examples of using digital technologies in clinical […]

Recruiting Clinical Trial Subjects At Point-of-Care

  Clinical trials face long delays and, in some cases, are even cancelled because too few subjects are enrolled. Sponsors and CROs have different recruitment strategies, from advertising through mainstream media (although this practice is not as widespread you’d think) to the use of mobile and digital applications. But, one of the most effective ways […]

Can Shazam’s Ex-CFO Help TrialReach Tune In To Patients?

  Keith Lovell just left Shazam, the company behind the popular app that magically tells you the artist performing the song playing in the background at Cheesecake Factory. With almost a decade as the company’s CFO, he chose to join TrialReach, a technology company focused on helping patients find the clinical trials they’re eligible for, based on […]

Eli Lilly Is Doing Something Interesting, Digitally Speaking

  On June, 28, 2015, CNN will be presenting Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me, a documentary that showcases the life of the award-winning musician who struggles with Alzheimer’s. What’s unique about the film’s presentation, aside from the story itself, is that it will be complemented with three targeted commercials: a 30-second commercial, in which Eli […]