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Oracle Data Management Workbench Overview And Use Cases

This Thursday, Perficient is hosting a webinar on Oracle Data Management Workbench (DMW) alongside Oracle, one of our most valued partners. From Perficient, we’ll have Prabha Ranganathan, the director of clinical data warehousing and analytics, and from Oracle, we’ll have Srinivas Karri, the director of product strategy for DMW. Yesterday, I got a sneak peek […]

Consider This When Migrating To Argus Safety

When I’m approached by clients to discuss safety projects, it is generally about implementing Oracle’s Argus Safety, upgrading the system, or discussing their ability to comply with regulatory requirements. Recently, I was asked about migrating from a legacy drug safety database to Argus. We discussed the methods available, such as leveraging an Oracle dump, a […]

Importance Of User Interface Design When Reviewing Clinical Data

In the previous post, I talked about varying levels of scrutiny for data review and what happens when recording the user actions. In this post, I will talk about the importance of the user interface for a review. Successfully navigating requirements, design, development, testing, user acceptance and ongoing support of any application requires user involvement […]

A Cleanse That’s Good For Your Clinical Data

  Oracle recently created a short video that explains what Data Management Workbench (DMW) is all about. In short, DMW is an application that is part of Oracle’s clinical data warehousing suite that’s designed to combine data from various data sources and third-party providers, and transform it into standard data models. In addition to the […]

Why Clinical Trial Data Isn’t Enough

  Life sciences organizations are in the business of developing drugs and medical devices. Hitting key milestones and moving trials to the next phase has always been a priority. Throughout this entire process, the collection and analysis of clinical and safety data is essential in taking products to subsequent stages, and ultimately getting them approved […]